SUPPORT THIS POLL! Yatton development impact must be properly assessed

THURSDAY 14 APRIL 2016 between the hours of 4 p.m. and 9p.m. CLAVERHAM VILLAGE HALL

The combined effect of residential developments in Yatton will impact on many aspects of our parish’s everyday life, each additional dwelling places fresh demands on our local facilities and infrastructure.

No assessment has been published of the cumulative impact of the large proportional increase in Yatton’s housing which has permission is or under consideration.

In Claverham, like Yatton, we will feel the impact of the new developments in healthcare, education, traffic, transport and environment. It is reasonable to ask our Council to show the full impact of the developments (particularly in road safety and access to critical matters such as healthcare and education) and that they are supported by planned and funded facilities.

This poll is to simply ask:

Should North Somerset Council conduct an immediate and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment on the collective impact of all the proposed and approved housing developments at North End, Yatton?”



3 thoughts on “SUPPORT THIS POLL! Yatton development impact must be properly assessed”

  1. The Claverham say’s no campaign team have put considerable effort in putting the case, on behalf of residents, that development of housing outside the village boundary would be impossible. The infrastructure (roads, footpaths, services-drainage- sewerage- etc., and health facilities, schools, transport and retail) are not able to be facilitated within the area plan. The planning granted by NSC for 520 houses in North End Yatton will exacerbate the problem. It appears that Cllr Elfan Ap Rees’ (executive member for housing and strategic planning on the council) that three developments in Yatton ( rather 1) gives the council more funding. The planning decision’s for Yatton and Claverham are naive and disastrous.

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