Public Mtg Revision of Neighbourhood Plan

Following our recent public meeting Claverham Future has taken on board all of the support and comments that represented a majority view of our fellow residents. There was much that was wholeheartedly agreed but, as expected and part of democracy, a couple of matters needed to change. (Relating to car parking in the High Street and the Footpath from Hunt’s Lane, both were removed as they were no longer supported)

Claverham Future thanks all of you who were able to attend and for your support.

We have also consulted again with Celia Dring, our liaison at NSC planning department, and once again she has been most helpful and constructive in her comments and advice. Celia’s advice has not changed our objectives nor the policies but has encouraged us to re-arrange the policies into logical groups.

At the same time as rearranging and undertaking minor edits of the Plan, we have been busy with the other three “evidence” documents. These will not form any part of the final plan but are for the examiner to show the link between our research along with your views and the Policies that have arisen. These documents are 90% of the work but will eventually be consigned to a dusty shelf somewhere and only the Plan will be relevant.

Our next task is to put Claverham’s Neighbourhood Plan out to public Consultation, after Yatton Parish Council as the sponsoring body formalise their adoption of the draft. (Which you can see HERE)

We will advise you of the programme of events once confirmed with YPC and NSC.

Thank you Again!

Nigel Cooper

Chair Claverham Future


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