Pre-Examination Consultation 20th June to 1st August

Dear All,


Yatton Parish Council have formally agreed the plan that Claverham Future have created with your help. So now we enter the series of official tests and reviews that the government requires us to undertake. The next part is a six-week period where we send the document to a whole series of official bodies both government and other interested business such as The Environment Agency and British Gas. (there are many more). We also send the document to major land owners and other interested bodies and societies so they can review the documents and have their say. Most of you have already commented on the Plan but we are still open to all of you to give additional comments. We know that many of you have already made your comments and if you are happy there is nothing further you need do. We promise to keep you informed.


See the latest plan that we are seeking consultation comment on at Click here for latest Plan The Plan will also be at the Yatton Library and Claverham Village Hall.


You can send your comments to us here through our contact page Click here to contact us but please identify that your email is about this Consultation and make sure that it is sent in the period 20th June to 1st August (or it will not be valid). We will also accept written comments sent to the Clerk at Yatton Parish Council, 48 High Street Yatton BS49 4HJ.


At the end of the six weeks we pick up all of the comments and agree with Yatton Parish Council any amendments that are relevant and are either legally required or in harmony with the majority views and consultation process.

We then continue… Next stop is a review by an examiner so as to try and ensure the documents are in the best shape to send to North Somerset… there are more stages but we are now in the hands of other people’s programmes and will keep you informed as we go.

Nigel Cooper

Chair Claverham Future

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