Finalised Drafts! We Dearly Hope So!

The Claverham Future team have been taking advice from many sources, in particular a pre-examination health check by Barbara Maksymiw. Barbara was appointed through Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examiner Referral Service NPIERS, a service run by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. The health check advised on various process matters and style points to ease the process of examination. Please see the revised documents Plan Here and Evidence Documents Here

One matter that may seem to be a change, and really isn’t, is the extension of the Settlement Boundary to incorporate the factory site (behind the Village Hall). The fact that the site is supported for redevelopment in our Plan means that if we are to gain maximum planning protection we need to include it within our boundary so that our ‘Infill Village’ parameters and policies can be applied.

We have also been offered a final review by Celia Dring, Planner at North Somerset, and will soon be issuing our Plan and Evidence Documents to North Somerset via this website. We will have a coordination meeting with Yatton Parish Council and The Neighbourhood Planning Group from Yatton to see if there are any matters that affect our close relationship. We all know that North Somerset is deep in the process of trying to establish its own Local Plan and contribute to the Joint Spatial Plan with our neighbouring planning authorities so we shall have to plead for this matter to be prioritised to avoid prolongation of the process.

We will keep you informed as we are hopefully in the final straight! (timing is in the hands of others)

Seasons Greetings!

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