We have struggled to get the final commentary from North Somerset as their officers appear to be under considerable strain with several significant policy matters ‘in the works’ at present.

We have worked through the various breaks since New Year and have just now completed the edits to comply with what North Somerset have recommended. The major matter is keeping the settlement boundary as it is, whilst still promoting the UTAS factory site for mixed/residential use and seeking to protect the various assets around and within that site.

The plan and all of the supporting documents are going live on this site as of now 28th April 2017. Yatton Parish Council will read, digest and hopefully support the plan going forward to North Somerset  at YPC’s General Meeting on 8th May. If the YPC Councillors endorse Claverham Future’s 2 years of work then the Plan and supporting documents will go to North Somerset Council. North Somerset Council will then arrange a public Statutory Consultation, where any interested party can comment upon the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan. All of the comments received, and those made internally by North Somerset, will then be passed to an examiner to consider and test against a set of Basic Conditions (Other National, Local and relevant policies).

Hopefully the Plan will be passed (maybe with comments) and then the document will be put to a Local Plan Area Referendum decided by simple majority of votes cast.

The Plan would then ‘Be Made’ and come into being as a local planning requirement. Whilst National Elections and other diversions can delay this process, we here at Claverham Future have done our best and hope that when the time comes you can support our Neighbourhood Plan in our referendum.

We shall advertise next steps on Facebook, via this website, and through mailchimp for those that register in our contact section or are already registered.

Claverham Future gives thanks to all of the people who have contributed in whatever way.

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