Yatton Parish Council approve plan and documents for submission to North Somerset


Today, this evening on 8th May, the full Council Meeting of Yatton Parish Council approved the Plan and supporting documents prepared by Claverham Future to go to North Somerset for their final phases of the official statutory consultation, examination and hopefully referendum.

This is a major milestone for Claverham, the Claverham Future team and all those who have contributed over the last two years. Claverham Future’s volunteers will continue to act on behalf of Yatton Parish Council who are submitting Claverham’s Neighbourhood Plan as the ‘Qualifying Body’ should queries arise or edits be required through official process.

Our thanks go to Yatton Parish Council and the Parish Councillors who joined our team and assisted our efforts (they are cited in the document). In particular we thank Aleana Baird, Clerk to YPC, who has been a great efficient help throughout and is now arranging the printing, document transmission and official correspondence.

We thank Celia Dring of North Somerset Planning for her guidance and commentary.

We wish Yatton’s Plan http://www.yatton.org the very best and thank Parish Councillor Chris Jackson for his assistance.

Ideally we would not wish to undertake any significant changes to this latest version but we have to await the decisions and commentary that may arise through the examination process.

The next key date is 20th June which is the earliest date that North Somerset Executive can consider this Plan and arrange the next phases.

We at Claverham Future will now take a rest whilst this matter is in North Somerset’s hands but will keep you in touch of any developments as they occur.



Claverham Future

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