Claverham Village Green Application Good News!

Please see for detail. We now have the report and recommendation from the Public Inquiry held for Claverham’s Village Green in November last year. The news is that the executive summary of the 6th June 2017 report states, amongst other things:

(5) The evidence shows that a significant number of the inhabitants of Claverham Ward used the land as of right for lawful sports and pastimes for twenty years prior to the Application; 

(6) The Council should therefore register the land as a Town and Village Green for the inhabitants of Claverham Ward.

This is a recommendation for North Somerset Council who will use the Inquiry report and findings in making their decision and the actual order whether the site is designated under the Town and Village Green regulations.

This matter is published here as there is a policy for the same land to be registered as Local Green Space within the submitted Claverham Neighbourhood Plan and the Village Green status could conceivably supersede the Local Green Space registration as it may be superfluous. The Neighbourhood Plan will not be revised at this stage.

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