Public Consultation Pre-Examination and Examination notes

Our Neighbourhood Plan is now with North Somerset Council and it started its final Public Consultation period on 23rd June and and final comments are due by midnight August 4th.

An application has been made to NPIERS to provide a suitable examiner who, when selected, will consider all of the relevant documents and all comments made by North Somerset together with any received in this latest consultation.


The examination process:

There is no fixed timetable for the examination, but if the examination is to test that the Plan is sound against the legislation’s fixed criteria so that it:

  • Meets European obligations.
  • Has regard to national planning policies.
  • Is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Local Plan.
  • Is compatible with adjoining Neighbourhood Plans.
  • Contributes to the achievement of sustainable development.

It’s likely that the examiner will wish to consider written representations (comments objecting to or supporting the Neighbourhood Plan) rather than hearing comments in person, but a public hearing may be called if the examiner feels this is required. A public hearing is an unlikely eventuality.

Once the examination is over, the examiner will issue a report that is likely to include one of the following recommendations:

  • That our draft Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a referendum.
  • That our draft Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a referendum, subject to certain amendments.
  • That our draft Neighbourhood Plan should not proceed.

If the recommendation is that the Neighbourhood Plan should not proceed to a referendum the reasons for this should be explained. Our community will then need to consider whether, and if so how, they can address these concerns. If they feel the changes that would need to be made are acceptable they can look to submit the revised version for further examination in the future.

North Somerset Council will consider the examiner’s report, decide whether the recommendations should be followed, and will then publish its decision, notifying us who prepared and submitted the Neighbourhood Plan.

We shall provide further notice of the referendum, should it as we hope proceed, and will be canvassing for your support.


Nigel Cooper


Claverham Future


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