Claverham has a registered Village Green !

On 12th July 2017 at the P&R committee meeting North Somerset Council approved the registration of Claverham’s Village Green application!

The application process started in December 2014, so it’s been along haul but we are now there and Claverham now has a Village Green for the enjoyment of its community!

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

A few notes:

  • This registration means that the lawful pastimes which people have enjoyed on this land in the past may continue with legal protection.
  • As the land is registered as a Village Green there are now sensible restrictions on what can take place on the land. Essentially anything that may interfere with lawful pastime enjoyment of the land by the community of Claverham should not occur.
  • Use of the land for seasonal grazing and taking of hay crop is not considered to interfere with use as a Village Green. Lawful pastimes have co-existed with occasional grazing and hay cropping for a very long time. This was raised at inquiry.
  • This land is also put forward to be registered as Local Green Space (LGS2) ,in the Neighbourhood Plan, as land can have more than one designation. Local Green Space, in planning terms is akin to Green Belt.


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