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Several residents attended the Newland Homes presentation of their proposals. As expected the proposals go way beyond what is generously provided for in our Neighbourhood Plan. Housing is shown being built not only on the brownfield element, strongly supported by our Plan, but also on the greenfield elements of the North Field and the May Day Field.

It was intimated with no guarantee suggested or given, at the meeting and within the questionnaire, that a bargain could be made by supporting housing on the North Field to preserve the May Day Field. Any such support would be support for development on greenfield outside of the settlement boundary and would create a precedent for following developers on similarly placed fields around Claverham. Essentially, one of the main features of the Neighbourhood Plan would be brought into question.

Whilst it was said that the Neighbourhood plan was being given “Due Regard” it was patent that this was selective regard as full regard would never have resulted in a proposal for using the whole of the site (outside of the Village Hall). Patently some matters of the Plan were decided as due no regard.

NOTE: “DUE REGARD” is a well-worn legal term, it is not anything like full compliance, the level of “regard” that is due is dependent on the weight of the circumstances considered when giving that “regard”. Simply put, some things are more important than others, if you do not know how something is weighed in the balance “Due Regard” cannot be properly measured.

The Neighbourhood Plan has full weight in planning, it is not subject to matters relating to a 5 year housing land Supply. The Plan is subject for two years to protection of its housing related policies (D3 in particular) by the Written Statement of Gavin Barwell December 2016. See earlier Blog Post.

Here is a review of the presentation material provided by Newland Homes at their presentation on the 7th February. It is believed that the commentary is fair and a true reflection of facts, we are prepared to accept revisions or corrections should any matter be seen to be incomplete or incorrect. The basis of matters is gathered from several attendees, the Plan and North Somerset.




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  1. On the first page of the blurb available at the presentation next to the front page picture of our Neighbourhood Plan it says: ‘…the Neighbourhood Plan allocates the main part of the site for redevelopment under policy D3’. So far, so correct. But the following paragraph says; ‘The proposal is to develop this area, and also includes options to develop the field to the north and the field to the south (May Day Field). This is cleverly written, but by putting it under the heading Claverham Neighbourhood Plan, it suggests that the options to develop those two fields are in the Neighbourhood Plan – and they are not.

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