YPC Planning Committee: Newland Homes’ Presentation- SUPPORT FOR OUR PLAN!

At 7:30pm at Yatton Parish Council’s Planning Committee Mtg Newland Homes presented the latest version of their proposals for development of the Claverham factory site (which includes the May Day Field adjacent to Bishops Road and the North Field that is west of Franklin’s Way).

The scheme proposed at the meeting was put forward as a “work in progress”.

There were unfortunate continual references to North Somerset’s 5 Years’ supply of housing land with the veiled threat that our plan could be overruled to allow additional land use. THIS SHOULD NOT BE TRUE AND WE DID NOT LET IT GO UNCHALLENGED!

Newland Homes were repeatedly informed that our Neighbourhood Plan had full weight and that the Five Year Supply is irrelevant. Their planning adviser representative Pegasus remained stony silent and did not object or comment when several of us said in various ways:

“Our Plan is less than 2 years old, it has made provision for housing and North Somerset has a 3 Year Supply of land for housing. Therefore it fully complies with all the requirements of the Minister’s Written Statement of December 2016 so ALL OF ITS PROVISIONS IN RELATION TO HOUSING ARE TO BE APPLIED”.

Apart from the annoying references to Five Year Supply the other matters I have taken as important are:

Roughly what was presented
  • The May Day Field is no longer part of the development proposal. Tom Sheppard (Design Manager) at Newland Homes gave assurance that the May Day Field would not form part of the development. This was very warmly received.
  • The development of the prior Factory buildings, the hard standings, roads and parking areas that form the central part of the site was strongly supported as was the protection and enhancement of the tree buffer zone (by tree replacement of the laurel) and the protection and bringing back into use of the Listed Buildings.
  • The North Field still has development on it and despite it being represented as an “Option” having mainly bungalow and dormer bungalow dwellings EVERYONE STRONGLY OBJECTED TO THIS (YPC and all who spoke) Development on the North Field is not in accord with the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Road safety during and following development was raised, and Newland Homes confirmed this was a part of their design process and that they were in already discussions with the highways engineers at North Somerset.
  • Opportunities to review and improve the Village Hall Car park were being considered.


Newland Homes could have our community’s wholehearted support if only they stopped proposing development on the North Field (as they have with the May Day Field).

There is support for reviewing an increase in the number of dwellings on the old factory area, possibly including blocks of smaller units for down-sizers and first time buyers.


Thank you to those that attended and to Yatton Parish Council for your continued support of our Neighbourhood Plan. (I am sure that there are many of you who could not make it to the meeting and who also support our plan… you are not forgotten and also have our thanks.



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