Detailed Planning Application For Claverham Factory Site

A recent email from Newland Homes (The owner and developer/builder of the former factory site) has been received.

here it is verbatim Please also note site layout provided at end of this post – click on image for the pdf:

Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that our full planning application for 77 homes at Bishops Road, Claverham, was recently submitted. Please find attached the planning layout for your convenience.

Since our public consultation in February 2018 we have worked extensively to incorporate feedback received from North Somerset Planning department, Councillors and local residents to accommodate the collective comments made, wherever possible, in order to improve the submitted proposals.

Following a detailed analysis of comments received, the most noticeable change from the initial proposal made was the removal of development within the May Day Field and North Field, with the decision to concentrate the proposals on the brownfield element of the site.

The final proposal submitted for the site has been designed to address the many constraints it has whilst enhancing landscape buffers around the site and the TPO trees retained, respecting the separation distances from existing residential dwellings and responding to the scale of the existing surrounding houses. Subsequently the resulting plans for the site respond to the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan and the views of the community.

Other notable amendments since initiating a pre-application submission include; 

  • A greater variety of unit types including corner turning plots which add variety and rhythm to the street-scene.
  • The road leading to the north-east now follows an undulating alignment rather than a straight formation.
  • All parking spaces now directly relate to dwellings by either being placed adjacent to, in front of or close proximity too – thus reducing the presence of parking – whilst a greater proportion of landscape softening has been interwoven to the proposals throughout to further mitigate.
  • The quantum of parking proposed in any given area has been reduced and enhanced with further landscaping introduced throughout. Detailed landscape proposals accompanying our submission support this approach.
  • The open space surrounding the historic buildings has been addressed to provide greater separation, specifically with the proximity of the Chapel to the proposed dwellings.
  • In order to support the retention of the Tithe Barn façade, dwellings previously fronting along the build line have been re-orientated to address the adjacent roads. Plots 48-50 now also provide a strong focal point when travelling east and help retain the historic connection with the factory build lines.
  • The layout has been softened to introduce a greater proportion of landscaping and street scene variety where necessary, most notably at, but not limited to the areas now defined with shared surfaces.
  • Where possible, dwellings have been set further back from the Root Protection Areas (RPA), to further enhance the presence of landscaping on site and to avoid any encroachment. It is worth noting, existing built structures and hard standing on site currently extends into the RPA’s.
  • The proposals will utilise a variety of contrasting materials which reflect the local area and strengthen the design principles established by creating defined areas, both in the setting of the historic buildings and also when travelling throughout the site.

Furthermore, the regeneration of this brownfield site includes the enhancement of both the landscape and ecological environment whilst accommodating 75 new homes, consisting of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes and ranging from 2 to 2 ½ storey in height. As well as the change of use and renovation of the two, grade II listed buildings on site, Court de Wyck and the Chapel. Ensuring their long term preservation for future generations to enjoy.

Newland Homes prides itself on quality, with well-considered designs in order to create homes that sit comfortably amongst the surrounding residential area. Should our proposals be successful, we anticipate being on site early 2019.



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