18/P/3659/FUL Newland Homes Development- update.


The former factory and listed buildings have emerged from the undergrowth following clearing of the overgrown laurels. Newland Homes have not had their planning application signed off yet & the planning officer is not able to give an anticipated decision date.

There are some new documents recently added to the planning application including the Construction Management Plan and amendments to the Highways and Transport Document.

A few selected points below:

Construction Management Plan 

  • Construction working hours will be restricted to 7.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri &
  • 7.00am -1.00pm Sat. There will be site deliveries, staff movements and site works outside there hours.
  • Delivery vehicles from distant locations will be ‘encouraged ‘ to ‘hold’ at a location outside residential areas until after 7.30 am and deliveries not accepted after 4.45pm.
  • During term time certain outsize deliveries, local supply vehicles, brick, block and roof tile deliveries will be asked to avoid where possible hours of 08.30- 09.00 and 15.00 to 15.30hrs.
  • Measures will be taken to prevent construction vehicles from transferring construction debris (mud, dust etc) onto the roads outside the site.

Highways and Transport

  • Court De Wyck Primary School Access.  There will be a pedestrian crossing over Bishops Road but this means only dropped kerbs.  The number of pedestrian movements including the extra generated by the new houses has been estimated and it is insufficient to trigger need for a zebra crossing or similar. The proposed dropped kerbs are in the vicinity of the path from the village hall car park but slightly offset. The highways officer points out that this dumps pedestrians on the school side with no footway links without walking in the access road to the school. This is the situation at present but the opportunity is there and safe footpath access could/ should be improved and it has been suggested that Newland Homes discuss options with the primary school.
  • The highways officer also flags the need for safe access for cyclists.
  • Public Transport Since the document was written it has been announced that the bus service along Bishops Road and Claverham road will be reduced in frequency from every 30 minutes to hourly  with no evening service into Bristol after 7.25pm or out of Bristol after 8.35pm and no Sunday or bank holiday services.  This is a backward step for sustainable housing and transport. The X1 service from Cleeve will operate later in the evening and on Sundays and bank holidays but it is a 20-30 minute walk away. The only positive from the changes to the bus service is that now it will be is single bus journey rather than a two-bus journey from Claverham to Yatton Railway station on the X2 but again note no Sunday or bank holiday service and the last bus is relatively early in the evening.

For full details and comments https://planning.n-somerset.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PBFRGJLP02J00





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