Several companies supplying fibre broadband to your door are coming this way. Full fibre to the property or FTTP gives faster speeds than copper wires from the cabinet and is arguably part of the basic infrastructure that should be available to every community. It may be possible to arrange a village meeting to discuss the possibilities if there is sufficient interest.

I am aware that some people in Claverham are interested in the deal on offer from Truespeed.

Truespeed are currently collecting sign ups in our area. When they have sufficient numbers of pre-orders they will go ahead and install. They are offering free installation up to the value £120 for the first 30% of sign ups in the village and the possibility of free internet for the village hall and school. Before you sign up with them, check if you can change to another provider at the end of contract using their connection. Visit their website for more https://www.truespeed.com/

There are other providers on the horizon, notably Gigaclear.

Gigaclear are filling in the gaps in fibre services in rural Devon and Somerset and are installing in Wraxall at the moment -so not far from us. Most installations are free. https://www.gigaclear.com

Other providers will probably follow in time. Here are some reviews of Truespeed and Gigaclear: https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/01/truespeed-attempt-best-bt-200mbps-guaranteed-broadband-speed.html




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