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Claverham Village 2002
Claverham Village 2002

Much useful work has already been researched by the team that prepared Claverham’s Residents when in 2002 they went through a similar exercise to create a Village Character Statement, there was much research that accompanied the document that was found not to be required for formal publication so became a publication in its own right.





For those who wish a more detailed account of our heritage a book from 1791 – The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset Volume III provides accounts of our village, known as Cliveham at the time of the Norman Conquest. Here is our Village’s entry and a translation of the words in the Domesday Book:

To the northeaft of Yatton is Claverham, which at the Conqueft: was written Cliveham, and was then held by Geffrey bifhop of Coutances, as appears from the general furvey:

” Folcheran holds of the Bifhop, Cliveham. Gonnil held it in the time of King

” Edward, and gelded for two hides. The arable is three carucates. In demefne is

” one carucate, with one fervant, and three villanes, and twelve cottagers, with two

” ploughs. There are feven acres of meadow. Wood one furlong long, and as much

” broad. Brufh-wood half a mile long, and as much broad. It was worth twenty

” fhillings, now thirty fhillings”

For those that like a challenge see if you can find the original entry.



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