Published Decision for Referendum! (and the key dates of the process)

Claverham Future,  working for and with Yatton Parish Council have drafted a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Claverham. This will help to shape the Village until and including 2026. The neighbourhood area was designated on 24 April 2015. 30 months of work later we are proud to say we will have a referendum.

North Somerset Council’s Executive on 24 October 2017 agreed that the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan, with the Examiners modifications, can now be passed to referendum. It is the duty of North Somerset Council to organise the referendum and the date will be formally published in due course. It is likely to be Thursday 18 January 2018. The referendum will take place within the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan area.

Since May 9th almost seven months have passed since submission of our final draft documents until today 3rd of November 2017 when North Somerset Council published their confirmation, as above, that our Neighbourhood Plan can go to Referendum once modified in accord with the Examiner’s proposals.

The localism process is obviously far from rapid, but now we will agree the final drafting of the Plan. A full tracked-change copy, accommodating all of the Examiner’s proposals, was created by 5th October after receiving the Examiner’s report on the evening of 3rd October 2017. So we are ready for North Somerset’s final comments so we can complete the document to be used for referendum and as a planning instrument if the referendum is successful.


29th January 2015 – The Claverham Plan Area within the Parish of Yatton drafted and agreed with Yatton, Claverham started its meetings and data gathering.

24th April 2015 – North Somerset approved Claverham’s Plan Area and designated it as such. (Many meetings, consultations and drafting/re-draftings ensued)

9th May 2017 – The Claverham Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to North Somerset Council.  

20th June 2017 – The NSC Executive agreed North Somerset comments on the Plan and gave authorisation to arrange an independent examination.

23rd June to 4th August 2017 – The plan was subject to six weeks formal consultation arranged by North Somerset Council.

August 2017 – All responses to consultation were forwarded to the examiner Mr Andrew Ashcroft together with the 4 other supporting documents. He considered the plan against the “basic conditions” set out in the planning act.

28 August 2017 – Mr Ashcroft visited the plan area to familiarise himself with our village and environs and also issued a clarification note for the Neighbourhood Plan group to respond to.

5th September 2017 – Claverham Future and Yatton Parish Council joint response issued to Mr Ashcroft.  Both the clarification note and the response are given below.

26th September 2017 – Mr Ashcroft issued his draft report for fact checking.

29th September 2017 – Claverham Future and NSC commentary on facts (only minor matters) issued to Mr Ashcroft.

3rd October 2017 – Mr Ashcroft submitted his Final report to North Somerset Council. N.B. He has recommended that the Plan with modifications will pass the necessary basic conditions and can therefore go forward to referendum within the Plan area.

24th October 2017 – The Examiner’s recommendations were considered at Executive on 24 October 2017 where an Executive Decision taken for the Neighbourhood Plan to proceed to Referendum modified in accord with the Examiner’s proposals.

3rd November 2017 – North Somerset publish their Executive decision (commencing the 56 working day period in which the referendum must occur, unless jointly agreed with Yatton Parish Council)


The Plan and other submitted documents can be viewed for information below with the exception of document 3a which can be viewed on the this website.

Other documents submitted to the examiner are: