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Since the early members of the Steering Group decided it was time for Claverham to have a Neighbourhood Plan all of the members and kind local volunteers have sought to try and gather resident’s opinions about development in Claverham.We made our first public appearance with an information stand at the Village May Day celebrations and followed up with several appearances at Village Markets.




Following our Public Meeting last year, much work has gone into gathering together the important views expressed by a large number of our fellow residents. Naturally, whilst many themes were common they were expressed in many personal ways. We have taken the key issues and themes and devised a questionnaire that you all should have seen and was hand-distributed by our volunteers Jean, Anne, Wendy & Clive so that you could have your democratic say in our Neighbourhood Plan.


You can download a Questionnaire to Print Here, The survey was also available online via Survey Monkey at Survey Online

The survey has been devised so that the most commonly held views can be taken forward to draft our key policies.

A Public Meeting, with light refreshment, will be held 18th March in the evening to present the whole of the draft plan and canvas your views.

Following the meeting we will proceed to the final draft, taking on commonly held views given at the Public Meeting and move as quickly as possible to the official review,  and public referendum stages.

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