2nd Public Meeting 18th March 2016

Friday 18th March 2016 we held a public meeting to review the contents of the latest draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.

105 of our fellow residents came to give their views and vote upon the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Nigel Cooper, Chair of Claverham Future, presented each of the sections and policies and Claverham Future steering group members led lively debate and discussion on packed tables around Claverham Village Hall.  A welcome ploughman’s plate and drink provided the necessary energy to get through the many issues as the meeting lasted for almost three hours!File 19-03-2016, 09 57 54

The evening was a lively affair with a considerable degree of support and useful comment. Each matter was voted upon, by show of hands recorded at each table, to see if there was need for change to any of the draft materials. Whilst the majority of matters were fully aligned with the resident’s wishes there were changes that were necessary. At the conclusion of the meeting Dave Hayler, Deputy Chair of Claverham Future provided a summary of the evening’s findings and gave our thanks to our fellow residents for their assistance and enthusiasm.

List of Amendments Made to CNP Rev #7.xlsx


The key changes were in relation to:

Footpaths as any modification to the path from Hunt’s lane to Yatton was not popular and that footpaths are already under the statutory control of NSC.

Parking control in the High Street was ultimately unpopular and introduction of any restrictions beyond those regulated by Highway Code and, more importantly, common courtesy were seen as unnecessary.

If you would like to see the presentation again you can download it here –Public Mtg 18th March 2016

The full voting record of the evening can be downloaded here – PublicMtg180316_VOTES_vFinal

To see the latest version of the Plan and the supporting documents (which will be necessary for examination) then please go to The Plan

or for the latest evidence documents go to Evidence Documents