Main Survey January – 2015

Our Survey Link to full document
—————–Our Survey (Link to full document)

292 Completed Surveys!

Well Done Claverham!

This is a good representation, the Postcodes show the responses came from all around our plan area, the survey response can be taken as truly representative.

About the Survey

Following the first Public Meeting the themes and content of our fellow residents were brought together in a survey document that was delivered to our plan area residents on the 4th January 2016.

The hard copy survey was supplemented by an exact copy available on SurveyMonkey so that as many people as possible could respond.

Originally the survey deadline was set at 15th January but was extended, with local notification, until it was closed on Survey Monkey on 29th January. As the hard copies were collected from there various locations and our helpers they were keyed in to SurveyMonkey so as to create a unified database.

The Summary of Results can be found here NDPsurveySummary.

If you wish to see the whole of the returned data (we have removed email addresses and Postcodes to preserve privacy of respondents) here are the data