Travel Survey

In February 2015 thanks to Gary Barker’s work we have an up to date Travel Survey that provides much useful information about our Village. See The results here

Some Key Facts from the survey:


  • Only 4% employed in Claverham + 6% at Home
  • 83% Travel to Work by Car
  • 97% Daily Shopping by Car
  • 86% felt walking or cycling to Yatton was unpleasant due to narrow pavements
  • 72.3% are economically active
  • 1.8 cars per household (higher than North Somerset or National Average)

Lack of flexible and reliable public transport, distance to significant employment and services and walking made unsafe via narrow or missing pavement means Claverham is car dependent.

Unsafe Narrow Sloping Pavements with Cars alongside Pedestrians

Naturally this impacts on how sustainable development or expansion of Claverham can be if new occupants increase our carbon foot print with yet more people commuting and car travelling for daily essentials.

Pavements used as part of Road to Yatton
Pavements used as part of Road to Yatton